Package org.kuali.rice.kew.plugin

Interface Summary
Modifiable Represents an entity which can be modified.
PluginListener Receives startup and shutdown callbacks from a Plugin when it is initialized and destroyed.
PluginLoader Loads a plugin from some source (i.e.
PluginRegistry Maintains a registry of Plugins and allows for loading of resources from those plugins.
Reloadable An interface representing an Entity that can be reloaded.

Class Summary
BasePluginLoader Abstract base PluginLoader implementation.
BasePluginRegistry A base class for PluginRegistry implementations.
HotDeployer Checks for plugins added to or removed from the configured plugin directories.
Plugin A KEW Plugin.
PluginClassLoader A simple class loader implementation which looks at itself before delegating to its parent.
PluginConfig Class representing a plugin's config, containing configuration settings parsed from the config.
PluginConfigParser Parses a PluginConfig configuration from an XML file.
PluginEnvironment A PluginEnvironment represents a Plugin and the PluginLoader from which it was loaded.
PluginNameComparator A comparator which sorts a collection of plugins names alphabeticaly.
PluginRegistryFactory A factory for creating PluginRegistry instances based on the configured client protocol of the application.
PluginUtils Various plugin utilities.
Reloader A runnable which continuously polls Reloadable to see if they need to be reloaded.
ServerPluginRegistry A PluginRegistry implementation which loads plugins from the file system on the server.
ZipFilePluginLoader Loads a plugin from a zip file on the file system.

Exception Summary
PluginException A RuntimeException thrown from the plugin system when a problem is encountered.

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