Interface DelegationTypeService

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ActionRequestDerivedRoleTypeServiceImpl, CampusRoleTypeServiceImpl, DerivedRoleTypeServiceBase, PermissionDerivedRoleTypeServiceImpl, PrincipalDerivedRoleTypeServiceImpl, RoleTypeServiceBase, RouteLogDerivedRoleTypeServiceImpl

public interface DelegationTypeService
extends KimTypeService

A KimTypeService with specific methods for Delegations.

Method Summary
 boolean doesDelegationQualifierMatchQualification(Map<String,String> qualification, Map<String,String> delegationQualifier)
          Gets whether a role assignment with the given qualifier is applicable for the given qualification.
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getAttributeDefinitions, getWorkflowDocumentTypeName, getWorkflowRoutingAttributes, validateAttributes, validateAttributesAgainstExisting, validateUniqueAttributes, validateUnmodifiableAttributes

Method Detail


boolean doesDelegationQualifierMatchQualification(Map<String,String> qualification,
                                                  Map<String,String> delegationQualifier)
                                                  throws RiceIllegalArgumentException
Gets whether a role assignment with the given qualifier is applicable for the given qualification. For example, the qualifier for a role could be as follows: chartOfAccountsCode = BL organizationCode = ARSC descendsHierarchy = true The qualification could be: chartOfAccountsCode = BL organizationCode = PSY (reports to BL-ARSC) This method would return true for this set of arguments. This would require a query of the client app's organization hierarchy, so an implementation of this sort must be done by a service which lives within the client app and will be called remotely by KIM. The contents of the passed in attribute sets should not be modified as they may be used in future calls by the role service.

qualification - the qualification. cannot be null.
delegationQualifier - the delegation qualifier. cannot be null.
true if the qualifications match
IllegalArgumentException - if the qualification or delegationQualifier is null

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