Class ErrorContainer

  extended by org.kuali.rice.kns.util.ErrorContainer
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ErrorContainer
extends Object
implements Serializable

Provides access to a copy of an ErrorMap and information derived from it. Necessary because ErrorMap implements the Map interface, which for some reason makes JSTL unwilling to translate ErrorMap.errorCount into a call to the getErrorCount method of that ErrorMap instance. Since I had to create this class to provide easy access to the error count (which must be computed as the sum of the sizes of the error message lists of all properties in the ErrorMap), I also moved in the existing code which massaged the contents of the ErrorMap for the purposes of export to the JSP.

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Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
ErrorContainer(MessageMap errorMap)
          Constructs an ErrorContainer
Method Summary
 int getErrorCount()
 List getErrorPropertyList()
 org.apache.struts.action.ActionMessages getRequestErrors()
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Constructor Detail


public ErrorContainer(MessageMap errorMap)
Constructs an ErrorContainer

errorMap -
Method Detail


public int getErrorCount()
number of errors in the ErrorMap used to initialize this container


public List getErrorPropertyList()
simple List of all properies for which errorMessages exist in the ErrorMap used to initialize this container


public org.apache.struts.action.ActionMessages getRequestErrors()
ActionMessages instance containing error messages constructed from the contents of the ErrorMap with which this container was initialized

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