Interface SelectiveReferenceRefresher

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AuthorMaintainable, BookMaintainable, CampusMaintainableImpl, CampusTypeMaintainableImpl, CountryMaintainableImpl, CountyMaintainableImpl, DocumentTypeMaintainable, GenericPermissionMaintainable, KualiGlobalMaintainableImpl, KualiMaintainableImpl, NamespaceMaintainableImpl, ParameterMaintainableImpl, PostalCodeMaintainableImpl, ReviewResponsibilityMaintainable, RoutingRuleDelegationMaintainable, RoutingRuleMaintainable, StateMaintainableImpl

public interface SelectiveReferenceRefresher

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Method Summary
 Collection<String> getAffectedReferencesFromLookup(BusinessObject baseBO, String attributeName, String collectionPrefix)
          Returns a list of references that must be refreshed after a lookup performed on an attribute is performed.

Method Detail


Collection<String> getAffectedReferencesFromLookup(BusinessObject baseBO,
                                                   String attributeName,
                                                   String collectionPrefix)
Returns a list of references that must be refreshed after a lookup performed on an attribute is performed. A lookup on an attribute may cause many attribute values to be updated upon return from lookup. Generally, the returned attributes are the PK of the BO being looked up. For example, a lookup on an account number attribute will cause the chart of accounts code and account code to be returned. These returned attributes may cause other references on the page to be returned. For example, an account number lookup may cause the chart code to change, and if there is also an ObjectCode reference in the BO, then any change in the chart code will cause the referenced ObjectCode BO to be changed.

attributeName - the name of the attribute with a quickfinder of the maintained BO.
a list of reference names that could be affected by lookup return values

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