Package org.kuali.rice.krad.service

Core service interfaces.


Interface Summary
AttachmentService Defines the methods common to all AttachmentService implementations
BusinessObjectService Defines methods that a BusinessObjectService must provide
DataDictionaryComponentPublisherService A service which can be used to publish components to the Rice core component system from the data dicationary.
DataDictionaryRemoteFieldService Provides service methods for building and validate RemotableAttributeField definitions from data dictionary AttributeDefinition configurations
DataDictionaryService Defines the API for interacting with the data dictionary
DataObjectAuthorizationService Provides methods for checking authorization for actions on a given data object class including the security of fields within the class
DataObjectMetaDataService Provides metadata such as relationships and key fields for data objects
DictionaryValidationService Defines the API for the validating against the data dictionary.
DocumentAdHocService This service populates Documents with AdHocRoutePersons and AdHocRouteWorkgroups
DocumentDictionaryService Defines methods that a DocumentEntry Service must provide, and the API for the interacting with Document-related entries in the data dictionary
DocumentHeaderService This is an interface to allow for Rice client applications to override the DocumentHeader class being used.
DocumentSerializerService Implementations of this interface are able to serialize documents into XML that's used by the workflow engine to perform routing, searches, etc.
DocumentService Defines various operations that support the Document framework.
InactivateableFromToService Provides methods for retrieval of business objects implementing InactivateableFromTo and needing effective dating logic
InactivationBlockingDetectionService This service detects whether there are any records that block the inactivation of a particular record
InactivationBlockingDisplayService A service that helps to print out records that block the inactivation of another BO
KeyValuesService This class provides collection retrievals to populate key value pairs of business objects.
KualiExceptionIncidentService This is used for sending report of an incident
KualiFeedbackService This new feedback service was added to refactor KualiExceptionIncidentService.
KualiRuleService Defines the interface to the business-rule evaluation service, used to evauluate document-type-specific business rules using document-related events to drive the process.
LookupService Defines business logic methods that support the Lookup framework
MaintenanceDocumentService Provides methods for working with MaintenanceDocument(s)
ModuleService Defines service methods for module services
NoteService This service provides various operations related to Note objects.
PersistenceStructureService This interface defines methods that a Persistence Service must provide.
PessimisticLockService This is the service interface for documents to use the Pessimistic Locking mechanism
PostProcessorService This interface is a KFS-local wrapper for the Workflow postprocessor interface.
SequenceAccessorService Provides access to sequence numbers.
SessionDocumentService Service API for persisting Document form content and retrieving back
ViewValidationService Validation service for KRAD views.
XmlObjectSerializerService This interface defines methods that an XmlObjectSerializer Service must provide.

Class Summary
KRADServiceLocatorWeb Service locator for the KRAD Web module

Exception Summary
BusinessObjectNotLookupableException Thrown when a BusinessObject is expected to implement Lookupable, but does not.

Package org.kuali.rice.krad.service Description

Core service interfaces.

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