Package org.kuali.rice.krad.uif.container

Interface Summary
CollectionFilter Provides filtering on collection data within a CollectionGroup
Container Type of component that contains a collection of other components.

Class Summary
AccordionGroup Accordion group class used to stack groups by there header titles in an accordion layout
ActiveCollectionFilter Collection filter that removes inactive lines from a collection whose line types implement the Inactivatable interface
CollectionGroup Group that holds a collection of objects and configuration for presenting the collection in the UI.
CollectionGroupBuilder Builds out the Field instances for a collection group with a series of steps that interact with the configured CollectionLayoutManager to assemble the fields as necessary for the layout
CollectionGroupSecurity Collection Group security is used to flag that permissions exist for the associated CollectionGroup in KIM and should be checked to determine the associated group, line, and field state.
ContainerBase Base Container implementation which container implementations can extend
DialogGroup Special type of Group that presents a the content for a modal dialog
ELCollectionFilter Collection filter that evaluates a configured el expression against each line
Group Container that holds a list of Field or other Group instances
LinkGroup Special Group that presents a grouping on links, which can also include nested groupings of links
MaintenanceActiveCollectionFilter Collection filter for maintenance groups that removes inactive lines if certain conditions are met
NavigationGroup Special Group that renders a navigation section
ReorderingGroup Group implementation that supports reordering of the group items
TabGroup A group that presents its child Groups as tabs.
TreeGroup Group component that is backed by a Tree data structure and typically rendered as a tree in the user interface

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