Package org.kuali.rice.krad.uif.field

Interface Summary
Field Component that contains one or more user interface elements and can be placed into a Container

Class Summary
ActionField Field that encloses an @{link org.kuali.rice.krad.uif.element.Action} element
AttributeQuery Holds configuration for executing a dynamic query on an InputField to pull data for updating the UI
AttributeQueryResult Object that is returned for Ajax attribute queries and exposed as JSON
DataField Field that renders data from the application, such as the value of a data object property
DataFieldSecurity Data field security adds attribute security to the standard component security
FieldBase Base class for Field implementations
FieldGroup Field that contains a nested Group.
FieldSecurity Field security adds the edit in line and view in line flags to the standard component security
GenericField Field whose output is produced by invoking a method or template and has no properties (generic)
ImageField Field that wraps an image content element.
InputField Field that encapsulates data input/output captured by an attribute within the application
LinkField Field that encloses a link element
LookupInputField Custom InputField for search fields within a lookup view
MessageField Field wrapper for a Message
RemoteFieldsHolder A placeholder in the configuration for a Container list of items that will be invoked to retrieve a list of RemotableAttributeField instances which will then be inserted into the containers list at the position of the holder
SpaceField Field that produces only a space

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