Package org.kuali.rice.krad.uif.util

Class Summary
BooleanMap Map implementation takes a Set of Strings and converts to Map where the string is the map key and value is the Boolean true, convenience collection for expression language
ClientValidationUtils Contains all the methods necessary for generating the js required to perform validation client side.
CloneUtils Utility class for copying objects using reflection.
ColumnCalculationInfo ColumnCalculationInfo is used to specify which columns and what types of calculations are performed on those columns of table collection.
ComponentBeanPostProcessor Spring BeanPostProcessor that processes configured Component instances in the dictionary
ComponentFactory Factory class for creating new UIF components from their base definitions in the dictionary
ComponentUtils ComponentUtils is a utility class providing methods to help create and modify Component instances
ConstraintStateUtils Various utility methods for determining when to use constraints during states
ExpressionFunctions Defines functions that can be used in el expressions within the UIF dictionary files
ExpressionUtils Utility class for UIF expressions
KeyMessage KeyMessage object for key-value pairs that contain rich content in the value portion.
LookupInquiryUtils Class for utility methods that pertain to UIF Lookup processing
MessageStructureUtils Rich message structure utilities for parsing message content and converting it to components/content
ObjectPropertyUtils Utility methods to get/set property values and working with objects
ScriptUtils Utility class for generating JavaScript
UifBeanFactoryPostProcessor Post processes the bean factory to handle UIF property expressions and IDs on inner beans
UifKeyValue KRAD version of KeyValue to enable use in schema
ViewCleaner Utility class for trimming component instances for storage
ViewModelUtils Provides methods for getting property values, types, and paths within the context of a View

Enum Summary

Annotation Types Summary
SessionTransient Marker annotation for session transient fields on the UifForm

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