Package org.kuali.rice.krad.uif.widget

Interface Summary
Helpable Interface for components that support help.
Widget Components that provide a user interface function (besides the basic form handing) should implement the widget interface

Class Summary
Accordion Accordion widget class used to create an accordion based layout
BlockUI BlockUI element is used within the view element for managing element/page blocking attributes
BreadCrumbs The breadcrumb widget contains various settings for setting up Breadcrumb/History support on the view
DatePicker Used for rendering a calendar in the UI that can be used to selected dates for field values
Disclosure Decorates a group with collapse/expand functionality
Growls Growls sets up settings for growls global to the current view and its pages
Help Widget that renders help on a component
Inquiry Widget for rendering an Inquiry link or DirectInquiry action field
LightBox Used for rendering a lightbox in the UI to display action links in dialog popups
QuickFinder Widget for navigating to a lookup from a field (called a quickfinder)
Reorderer Allows client-side reordering of the group contents
RichTable Decorates a HTML Table client side with various tools
Scrollpane Decorates a group with scroll functionality
Spinner Widget that decorates a control transforming into a spinner
Suggest Widget that provides dynamic select options to the user as they are entering the value (also known as auto-complete)
SyntaxHighlighter Widget that renders text syntax highlighted
Tabs Widget used for configuring tab options, use componentOptions for most options.
Tooltip Widget that renders a Tooltip on a component
Tree Widget component for rendering a Tree
WidgetBase Base class for Widgets

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