Package org.kuali.rice.krms.framework.engine.expression

Interface Summary
EngineComparatorExtension<A> For creating custom ComparisonOperator.
Expression<T> Interface for implementing Expressions, invoked on a ExecutionEnvironment
StringCoercionExtension Interface to extend to implement custom coerce of Strings to an instance of the given type, when when validating Proposition Terms

Class Summary
BinaryOperatorExpression Binary Operator implementation of Expression
BooleanValidatingExpression The Expression used in construction, will be invoked with the given ExecutionEnvironment.
ComparisonOperatorServiceImpl ComparisonOperatorService Implementation.
ComparisonOperatorServiceUtils Contains utility methods for working with the ComparisonOperatorService
ConstantExpression<T> The Expression used in Construction will be returned when invoked with any given ExecutionEnvironment
DefaultComparisonOperator The default ComparisonOperator.
ExpressionBasedProposition An implementation of Proposition which uses a given Expression
FunctionExpression An implementation of Expression which invokes a Function with the results of the invocation of the given List of Expressions (of the given ExecutionEnvironment).
TermExpression An implementation of Expression which resolves the given Term.

Enum Summary
ComparisonOperator Operators enumeration for comparing objects.

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