Package org.kuali.rice.ksb.messaging

Interface Summary

Class Summary
AlternateEndpoint Represents an alternate endpoint URL based on an endpoint URL pattern (reg-exp) to replace with the given actual endpoint.
AlternateEndpointLocation Represents an alternate endpoint URL host based on an endpoint URL host replacement pattern (reg-exp) to replace with the given actual endpoint host value.
FlattenedServiceDefinition A convenience class for encapsulating the serialized version of a ServiceDefinition object, allowing it to be lazy-loaded.
GlobalCallbackRegistry Can be used to register an AsynchronousCallback to recieve callback notifications.
HttpClientHelper Contains some utility methods for dealing with configuration of the Commons HttpClient library.
KSBClientProxy This class creates a proxy for services deployed on KSB.
KSBClientProxyFactoryBean This class can be used to create a KSBClientProxy.
KSBHttpInvokerRequestExecutor At HttpInvokerRequestExecutor which is capable of digitally signing and verifying messages.
MessageFetcher Fetches messages from the db.
MessageServiceInvoker Handles invocation of a PersistedMessageBO.
PersistedMessageBO A message which has been persisted to the data store.
PersistedMessagePayload Holds message payload content.

Exception Summary

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