The News Tool currently supports three means of defining RSS feed information for use: file based configuration, web service based configuration, and database configuration.

File Based Configuration

The News Tool comes preconfigured with several sample RSS feeds for use in testing. These feeds are configured using a simple XML file. A sample file named newsSources.xml can be found in the news-impl project in src/test/resources/. A sample is shown below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
		<name>BBC - News</name>
		<name> - World</name>

This file may be included anywhere within the web application's classpath.

To use the newsSources.xml file, you must update the NewsSpringBeans.xml in the news-webapp project's src/main/resources/ directory as shown below.

    <bean id="newsDao" class="">
        <property name="mapper" ref="mapper"/>
        <property name="newsSourceFile" value="newsSources.xml"/>
        <property name="newsMappingFile" value="newsSourcesMapping.xml"/>
        <property name="cache" ref="newsCache"/>

The above configuration of the DAO will look for newsSources.xml in the web application's WEB-INF/classes/ directory and load the RSS feeds from it.