Kuali Rice 2.4.0-M3-SNAPSHOT Documentation Portal

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Release Documentation
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Released: 12-16-2013


Release Documentation

  1. Release Notes (HTML / PDF ) - List of changes

  2. Installation Guide (HTML /PDF ) - How to install Kuali Rice (for technical administrators and developers)

  3. Introduction to Rice (HTML /PDF ) - Introduction to Rice Concepts and Architecture

  4. Development Frameworks

    • KRAD Guide (HTML /PDF ) - Manual on how to get started and use Kuali Rapid Application Development (KRAD), Rice's primary development framework.

    • eDocLite(HTML /PDF ) - Manual on how to get started and use eDocLite.

    • KNS - See the 2.2.5 documentation for reference information on the deprecated, older development framework. KNS is expected to be removed in Rice 3.0.

    • KNS to KRAD Conversion Guide  (HTML /PDF ) - Guide on how to convert from the KNS framework to KRAD. This document consists of a few different parts:

      • Conversion from KNS user interface and data dictionary to KRAD UIF

      • Conversion from OJB to JPA

      • Running automated scripts to help perform the conversion

  5. Middleware Components

    • KEN Guide (HTML / PDF ) - Kuali Enterprise Notification

    • KEW Guide (HTML / PDF ) - Kuali Enterprise Workflow

    • KIM Guide (HTML / PDF ) - Kuali Identity Management

    • KSB Guide (HTML / PDF ) - Kuali Service Bus

    • KRMS Guide (HTML / PDF ) - Kuali Rules Management System

  6. Reference

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